How Reddit introduced me to the world of indie

September 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

Since an officemate introduced me to Reddit, r/MakeupAddiction has quickly become one of my favorite subreddits. I agonize over looks that I’ll never be able to get right, look for things to add to my to-buy list, and get tips and tricks and be entertained by the lovely MUAers, in general.

Lo and behold, one morning – in the middle of the stressful and hellish month that was July – I clicked on a post talking about the perfect summer lip color and was immediately *sold*. A pretty coral color + Zoidberg = NEED.

So I went to Shiro Cosmetics and placed an order for five of the sample intertubes in Trololo, Why Not Zoidberg, Ridiculously Photogenic, Team Buffy, and Three Wolf Moon.

Then I settled down to begin what would be a three-week long wait and decided to keep browsing Reddit (no surprises there, hahaha). The comments and a lot of Googling brought me to Luna over at Toxid Lotus, and eventually, to Claire over at Claire’s Beauty. It was through them that I first heard of Darling Clandestine, Haus of Gloi, and Etsy/indie bath and body products in general.

I started browsing the Haus, DC, and Etsy, and with every click, it was almost like my money was begging to be spent. “Tina, you need to *smell* like butter cookies sprinkled with coconut and almond. Hey, don’t you need a bright, summery perfume? And in a handy-dandy solid that’s easy to lug around? No, come on, seriously, you need these now!”

Honestly, it sounded like that in my head at the time that I was salivating over the pumpkin butters and perfume solids. The massive Googling I did to see whether their products were worth buying brought me to reviews that convinced me even more: I had to have ’em.

At that point, I was only worried about the logistics, especially since the things I wanted to buy could only be shipped through regular mail, and were considerably more bulky than the Intertubes samples. The Philippine Postal Service isn’t considered very reliable after all, and Customs is notorious for overcharging taxes, asking for bribes, and even stealing from the packages (despite having Comm Biazon at its helm now).¬†And then I got a text message from my Mom saying, “Your aunt is going to the US. If there’s anything you want to order, order it already and she will email you the address where you can have it shipped.”

Everything fell into place, really. The heavens conspired, and now, I have ALL OF THIS:

L-R: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters, Darling Clandestine solid perfumes & perfume samples from DC and Haus of Gloi, Sakura Bath & Body lip balms

I’ve tried most of them already, and I am seriously addicted – I’ve a list of shops I now browse regularly, and I’ve got a regular ol’ shopping list for the coming months. But first – the things I already have for the next post – specifically, the Haus of Gloi pumpkin butters and the Sakura Bath & Body lip balms!

Considering this is only the second post on Three Tii’s, I feel a bit silly (but I’ll keep the optimism and act as if there are people reading this already), but – how did you discover Indie? Any favorites? :)

P.S. Crappy pictures for now because I have yet to unearth our camera. Sorry!


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