Things of the Day: 09/25

September 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

Nails of the Day (NOTD): Chanel Blue Rebel from the Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel Collection.

Pretty much a sucker for any navy blue, dark blue, or midnight blue polishes (the deeper the better!), so when I saw the chance to pick up two of the three lacquers from the Les Jeans de Chanel collection slightly-used for half the price, I took it. I have Blue Rebel and Blue Boy.

Blue Rebel is a lovely, lovely dark navy blue color, as you can see, and applies opaque with two coats. The packaging is so typically Chanel – chic, minimalist, and functional. Not going to buy any more Chanel lacquers, as they’re extremely expensive – but I’ll definitely be looking for similar colors.

(Also I should invest in a quality base coat and top coat. My nails are lacking that pretty polish because I just used Caronia. And hey, it works well enough with other drugstore polishes, but I guess Chanel demands more).


Lips of the Day (LiOTD): Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten

This and Adore are my favorites of the Kissable balm stains  – funny, because I never thought I could wear a bright pink lip out. This one’s also the least drying, and I wore it for 4 1/2 hours before having to reapply after lunch (it stained pretty well, with some fading in the center of my bottom lip).

I also *love* how these Kissable balm stains pull differently on people, depending on the pigmentation of their lips and their skintone. This one’s a pretty bright pink on me, but on others, it can look a little deeper, and a little more raspberry. Googling it’ll show you – the differences are subtle, but they’re there! Not going to do a full review on any of the colors I own since there are so many reviews out there, but suffice to say: I love them!

(a little bit shy to post a full face here, so we’ll save that for maybe a year from now, haha!)

Scent of the Day (SOTD): Darling Clandestine Summer’s Cauldron (not in picture) over Haus of Gloi Autumn Pumpkin Butter in Pumpkin Queen

The Haus’ Pumpkin Queen is deep, spicy, and earthy – pumpkin and peach mixed with spices and herbs, hay, and amber, all of which keep it from becoming too rich and fruity. This one’s pretty heady and I love how the smell morphs throughout the first few hours of slathering it on – from a mix of everything, to the spiced peaches taking the foreground later on, with the pumpkin just adding some richness in the background.

I just had to layer with DC Summer’s Cauldron, which is spicy and smokey in its own way. I’ve owned that little tin for a month or so now, and the smell has shifted in an interesting way – less spicy, with more floral with a touch of citrus coming out. With this, I’ve learned that less is more, so I only dabbed a little on my wrists and the base of my neck.

The combination was a little too strong, admittedly – maybe not entirely work-appropriate, since my colleagues smelled something spicy and fruity in our area (and I didn’t let on it was me!), but I still liked it. Maybe for nights at home, though.

Yay of the Day! (YOTD): Tea Pigs

I thought that I’d do a Yay of the Day every time I did “Thing of the Day” posts – things that make me happy, or excited. Mini-features or peeks into my life, I guess?

I ordered these through the TeaPigs website, all the way from the UK (I know, right. Shameless tea junkie here): a Mix ‘n’ Match Box of 12 sampler packs and 15 tea temples of the Everyday Brew (English Breakfast). I liked the option of the sampler packs – you could choose 12 varieties of tea, for a total of 24 tea temples. I’m most excited about the Chocolate Flake, Chai, Popcorn, and Rooibos Creme Caramel teas. #obsessed

I am trying to be more consistent with this blog, ugh, but work has gotten in the way D: This is me trying to update more frequently! Goal for the week: 2 more posts!


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