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September 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

Nails of the Day (NOTD): Chanel Blue Rebel from the Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel Collection.

Pretty much a sucker for any navy blue, dark blue, or midnight blue polishes (the deeper the better!), so when I saw the chance to pick up two of the three lacquers from the Les Jeans de Chanel collection slightly-used for half the price, I took it. I have Blue Rebel and Blue Boy.

Blue Rebel is a lovely, lovely dark navy blue color, as you can see, and applies opaque with two coats. The packaging is so typically Chanel – chic, minimalist, and functional. Not going to buy any more Chanel lacquers, as they’re extremely expensive – but I’ll definitely be looking for similar colors.

(Also I should invest in a quality base coat and top coat. My nails are lacking that pretty polish because I just used Caronia. And hey, it works well enough with other drugstore polishes, but I guess Chanel demands more).


Lips of the Day (LiOTD): Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten

This and Adore are my favorites of the Kissable balm stains  – funny, because I never thought I could wear a bright pink lip out. This one’s also the least drying, and I wore it for 4 1/2 hours before having to reapply after lunch (it stained pretty well, with some fading in the center of my bottom lip).

I also *love* how these Kissable balm stains pull differently on people, depending on the pigmentation of their lips and their skintone. This one’s a pretty bright pink on me, but on others, it can look a little deeper, and a little more raspberry. Googling it’ll show you – the differences are subtle, but they’re there! Not going to do a full review on any of the colors I own since there are so many reviews out there, but suffice to say: I love them!

(a little bit shy to post a full face here, so we’ll save that for maybe a year from now, haha!)

Scent of the Day (SOTD): Darling Clandestine Summer’s Cauldron (not in picture) over Haus of Gloi Autumn Pumpkin Butter in Pumpkin Queen

The Haus’ Pumpkin Queen is deep, spicy, and earthy – pumpkin and peach mixed with spices and herbs, hay, and amber, all of which keep it from becoming too rich and fruity. This one’s pretty heady and I love how the smell morphs throughout the first few hours of slathering it on – from a mix of everything, to the spiced peaches taking the foreground later on, with the pumpkin just adding some richness in the background.

I just had to layer with DC Summer’s Cauldron, which is spicy and smokey in its own way. I’ve owned that little tin for a month or so now, and the smell has shifted in an interesting way – less spicy, with more floral with a touch of citrus coming out. With this, I’ve learned that less is more, so I only dabbed a little on my wrists and the base of my neck.

The combination was a little too strong, admittedly – maybe not entirely work-appropriate, since my colleagues smelled something spicy and fruity in our area (and I didn’t let on it was me!), but I still liked it. Maybe for nights at home, though.

Yay of the Day! (YOTD): Tea Pigs

I thought that I’d do a Yay of the Day every time I did “Thing of the Day” posts – things that make me happy, or excited. Mini-features or peeks into my life, I guess?

I ordered these through the TeaPigs website, all the way from the UK (I know, right. Shameless tea junkie here): a Mix ‘n’ Match Box of 12 sampler packs and 15 tea temples of the Everyday Brew (English Breakfast). I liked the option of the sampler packs – you could choose 12 varieties of tea, for a total of 24 tea temples. I’m most excited about the Chocolate Flake, Chai, Popcorn, and Rooibos Creme Caramel teas. #obsessed

I am trying to be more consistent with this blog, ugh, but work has gotten in the way D: This is me trying to update more frequently! Goal for the week: 2 more posts!



September 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

After I’m done checking out r/MakeupAddiction, r/SkincareAddiction, and r/FancyFollicles (so vain, I know!), I SOMETIMES head on over to r/BeautyBoxes. I say “sometimes,” because, truth be told, I’m not too fond of seeing the pictures and descriptions of the little samples and full-size products that so many other girls are getting through Birchbox, GlossyBox, Jolie Box, Bella Box, and Lust Have It.

I know that a lot of people are complaining about the quality of Birchbox and Glossybox going down, especially when they started putting disposable razors and faulty earphones in the boxes, but, dammit, I’d at least like the option of receiving a mini-haul in the comfort of my own home every month! For a while, I even considered subscribing to this international beautybox (I forget the name, but saw it over at Roseanne’s blog), but it would’ve been really expensive.

Soo – imagine my excitement when, while browsing through my daily reads, I saw this post over at Loving Sunshine.

Introducing: Saladbox, the Philippines’ first beauty box subscription!

It works like pretty much every beauty box subscription service – you sign up for it, fill up a beauty profile, and receive a Saladbox full of samples personalized according to your tastes! And for only P500.00 ($12) a month! This is what it says on their website:

It was a good thing I saw Kumiko’s post early, as Saladbox launched today, at 8:00PM! The full contents of the website would be available to all–including a Brands page, which is like getting a preview of what you COULD get, and you could also reserve in advance for the October Saladbox.

By 7:30, I was on their website and refreshing the page every few minutes just in case it appeared early. Eager beaver, right? I really just wanted to be among the first to try it out because I’ve been lemming for something like this for quite some time – and I figured, it’s only P500, and easily discontinued if I don’t like what I get after the first three months. According to the website, the brands that’ll be featured in September’s Saladbox (which are all reserved already) are: Hotshop, BC Fragrances, Skinmiso, and Klair’s (the latter are from a Korean site named wishtrend, I believe).

My only problem with the whole thing was that the website actually launched closer to 9:00pm. The “Reserve” button didn’t work until way past 8:00PM. To be fair to them, Saladbox updated their Twitter with apologies, but they should have anticipated the excitement, right? So many people were tweeting and posting about it after all. Either way, it was a minor inconvenience, and I happily signed up for the October Saladbox–along with more than a hundred others. :D

P.S. I just checked their website now, and you can still reserve! Why not try it out?

P.P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the Haus of Gloi, Darling Clandestine, Sakura Bath and Body, and Shiro Cosmetics posts, I promise! I haven’t been able to take good pictures yet, but those are forthcoming, along with a blog post on a makeup exchange I recently received. *yay*

[Both photos taken from the website. No copyright infringement intended.]

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