Hello again, Internet.

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

My very first post on my very first Livejournal blog was made in late February, 2005, when I was in my sophomore year of high school. It was just a simple dear-diary entry of what I did with friends that day, and ended with a note thanking a friend for creating my LJ for me.

It lasted til 2009 and was your typical teenage blog – filled with a lot of overblown angst, overdramatized accounts of crushes, and a day-to-day record of my HAPPINESS (!!!!!) when hanging out with friends and my f*cking sh*t frustration with school. Yes, I blogged like then back then, refusing to type out curse words and changing the colors of important words – and so you see why I’m not giving out details!

Embarrassing though it may be, it remains to be a pretty great record of how I was back then – the books I liked, the places I visited, the things I did every day, personal thoughts and musings. I’ve always liked going through my posts every now and then, even if a lot of ’em make me cringe, and lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to once again keep track of myself in a more open way, so to speak – hence, Three Tii’s!

I’ve changed a lot since that Livejournal. For one thing, I’m no longer embarrassed about being intrigued by fashion, make-up, skincare, and bath-and-beauty products! Back then, we thought the less concerned you were with how you looked, the “simpler” and “better” you were as a girl. Now, I know there’s no shame in lipstick, moisturizers, and eyeliner (and good lord do these things help out a lot!) – so you’ll be seeing a lot of that here. Then again, I also talk a lot about the same things – books, travel, my friends and family, all of which will also be making their own appearances, although this seems to be shaping up to be a blog about girly things, heehee.

Oh, and the “Tries and Tests” tagline is there for a reason, as I’m still trying to figure my way around make-up (hooded eyes are the bane of my existence) and the general girliness of it all. This is my little space for trying and testing new things, talking about them, and well, interacting with the www after 3 years of being blog-free!

So, hello again, Internet. I’m back!

*ends awkward introductory blog post with a sigh of relief*