Hi, I’m Tina – a twentysomething living in Manila, Philippines :)

I started this blog to keep track of my thoughts on different things – primarily on make-up and bath and beauty products (two newfound addictions!), although you will also occasionally see entries on books and food, and more personal thoughts on politics and other matters. To tell you the truth, this blog is also meant to get me into the habit of writing regularly again – something I’ve sorely neglected for the past year or so. Here’s hoping, right?


I chose Prettifying, Pretty trying: Tina Tries and Tests because:

  • I’ve only recently gotten into make-up, skincare, bath and body – all these girly things, so while they all “prettify,” since I’m new to all of this, the attempts – especially with makeup – can be pretty trying (Get it? Haha ha ha..)
  • hence, the “trying and testing” disclaimer, because I’m certainly not an expert on anything here.
  • “three tiis” because you’ll probably see a good number of posts on my addiction to tea (get it, tii? Tea? Haha?) and tea-related products. And anything pret-tii.

(I’m sorry for all the horrible, horrible puns)


As I’ve already said, I’m not a professional make-up artist or employed by any of the companies whose products I talk about – everything is a truthful representation of my thoughts and experiences with them. This blog was started as a hobby, and well, I hope to be able to help  or inform people (maybe not now, but in the future) through this.


Contact me at: tinadrosario@ymail.com.


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